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What We Offer For Your Off-Road Experience

Trail Rides & Events

Trail rides are scheduled every month in a variety of locations in PA, the North East and up and down the East Coast.

Help & Guidance

Whether you're brand new the world of off-roading or a seasoned vet, we offer top class help and guidance for you to get the most out of your off-road adventures.

Everyone Is Welcome

Anyone with an off-road vehicle is eligible to join. No modifications are required for membership. We have members with stock, near stock, and wild 4x4 rigs.

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We Are Girls Play Off-Road And Proud!

It is paramount to the team that runs GPOR that it is a safe environment for everyone. Drama is not allowed. Everyone is encouraged to be nice. Laughter is important. The banter on the radios in the vehicles during a ride is priceless. Lessons are taught. Jokes are being told. Bonds are formed. Everyone walks away knowing that they are not alone. They have people to conquer life’s obstacles with together.




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Facts and Info About GPOR


Safe Environment

Being part of a safe group not only offers thrilling off-road adventures but also fosters a community where members prioritize responsible driving practices and prioritize safety above all else. 


No Drama Allowed

In Girls Play Off-Road, the focus isn't just on conquering rugged terrain but also on cultivating a drama-free environment where members can bond over their love for adventure without distractions or conflicts.


Lessons & Guidance

Within GPOR, each expedition serves as a classroom, where seasoned members generously impart their wisdom and experience, ensuring that every adventure is not just thrilling but also an opportunity for valuable lessons in off-road driving and safety.


Bonds Are Formed

In Girls Play Off-Road, the shared love for exploration and the adrenaline rush of off-road adventures naturally forms unbreakable bonds among members, creating a tight-knit community that feels more like family than just a group of enthusiasts.